TOP 6 reasons to sail in a Trawler!

5 September 2018

At first glance, the trawler might seem intimidating, but don’t be deceived: behind its robust appearance lies a boat with many advantages. Band of Boats examines the good reasons to go boating in a Trawler.

1. Its generous living space for luxurious holidays

The trawler contains big volumes, largely because of its high freeboard. Inside, the saloon is spacious, and so are the cabins. As a family or with friends, there is no risk of being on top of each other; the atmosphere on board is friendly, but there’s room for privacy too! The Trawler’s wide side-decks facilitate traffic between the living areas and the outside. There is also plenty of storage space for all the gear you need for cruises throughout the seasons.

2. Easy manoeuvring to make boating simple

The Trawler is an ideal cruising boat because it is so easy to manoeuvre. After a few years on board their sailing boats, many owners want to switch to a more comfortable and easy-to-handle boat. The Trawler category tops their list of choices. Because they are no longer looking for speed, but freedom from the risks of the sailing boat: no more being struck by the boom, climbing the mast, or contortions to secure the staysail. Every member of the family can take the helm and enjoy it. What more could you want?

3. Safe and comfortable hull bottom for confident boating

The Trawler is inspired by the hull bottom of fishing trawlers in accordance with Archimedes’ principle, i.e. that the hull bottom displaces the water and does not lift: no planing is possible. This structural aspect gives the boat perfect stability when sailing. However, the displacement hull bottom does not allow cruising speeds above 10 knots. To improve this performance, many Trawlers adopt a semi-planing hull: the front of the hull is V-shaped, and it gradually smooths out towards the rear. This describes the Swift Trawler range. Whatever its hull type, the Trawler remains a seagoing boat that can travel in a safe and regular way even under difficult conditions.

4. Its great capacity to sail to distant and varied shores for magical memories

When you own a Trawler, you can sail in any waters on Earth. From the Mediterranean to the Baltic Sea and even the canals of Holland, it can go anywhere! Take care, however, not to exceed 3 metres of mast height over water if you plan to travel on canals and rivers.

5. Versatility to satisfy every type of user profile

The Trawler has an uncluttered cockpit; ideal for fishing activities. Load your bait and rod holders on board and get ready for the big catch! Since the boat is equipped with a high and imposing roof, it has a very large saloon where you can shelter from bad weather between fishing sessions. Equipped with a flybridge, it becomes the perfect cruising boat where you can enjoy relaxing moments. For mixed fishing and cruising use, the Trawler is one of our favourites!

6. Its flawless autonomy to travel freely

Thanks to its architecture, the Trawler has a very large fuel tank. No more annoyingly frequent refuelling stops during your long escapades. With solar panels and a wind power system added to the motors, you are all set to stay on board for quite a while! In addition to its fuel autonomy, the Trawler has considerable water storage capacity for carefree long voyages.

So now you know: a Trawler is the ideal choice if you want long-distance cruises combining comfort with a feeling of freedom. Several manufacturers have put Trawlers on the market with some success. Beneteau for example, with its Swift Trawler range, which now includes four models from 30 to 50 feet, to fulfil the desires of their future owners.

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