Sailingholiday in Greece

29 August 2018

Do you love the Mediterranean? Little villages steeped in history? Clear water as far as the eye can see? Then you can’t beat a sailing trip in Greece! Discover our one-week sailing itinerary from Athens to Epidaurus via Poros. Wander at your leisure from one port of call to the next, and enjoy local life along the way. Find all our tips here.


Beautiful Athens: city of character, history, celebration… an eternal city if ever there was one. What better place to start your sailing vacation than Alimos marina? Just behind this marina there is a wide range of shops where you can buy supplies before setting off on your big adventure.
What to do in Athens? The capital is full of breathtaking sights. We can only suggest that you go and take a look at the Acropolis and the Parthenon. Unmissable. And for dinner? It doesn’t matter where as long as you dine on a succulent meze to kick of your boating holiday with some local colour.


In addition to its decisive position in the history of ancient Greece, Salamina is known as the biggest island in the Saronic Gulf. It’s also one of the most beautiful. What to do in Salamina? After mooring your boat at the port, visit the monastery of Agios Nikolaos Lemonion (highly recommended), and climb up to discover the mythical windmills on St Nicholas Hill or go and discover the incredible theatre of Euripides. Where to eat in Salamina? The Fish Tavern Saronikos offers a magnificent view of Piraeus. Unbeatable.


Pssst! The second stop-off in your boating vacation is a secret amongst those in the know. Egina is an island with very few tourists…but an absolutely fantastic one. What is there to do on Egina? Snorkelling, taking care not to step on sea urchins (the little shoes sold in the marketplace are very handy), walking along the coastal paths, etc. Also visit the pretty temple of Aphai and its beautiful colonnades, or the delightful monastery of Nectarios. Where to dine on Egina? Go straight to Saronis for traditional cuisine and a stunning view of the water.


Third stop-over: Hydra! What to do on this island? Explore it by riding a donkey, the only authorised means of transportation! There are obviously some unmissable monuments, such as the Cathedral Museum, the houses of Lazaros and Pavlos, and the Kondouriotis mansion. In the evening? Head for the delicious Téchne Restaurant & Social for a romantic dinner watching the sun go down.


Looking for beauty that is raw and, above all, authentic? Moor your boat in the port of Spetses. You will not regret it. Rent bicycles to look around (it’s not very big), relax on the beaches of Agia Paraskevi and Ag Anargyri, which are well known to keen divers. Where to dine in Spetses? The Orloff Restaurant at the entrance to the old port serves food that combines modernity with tradition.


It’s time to tie up your boat at the port of Sphaeria and discover the charms of this pair of islands. What to do in Poros? Hike in Lemonodasos, find the famous clock tower or the Temple of Poseidon. ? Where to dine in Poros? You’ll fall in love with the Panorama Resto with its sensational view of Poros, as the name suggests.

>>> Sadly, this journey is reaching its end. We hope your holiday will be unforgettable…