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Renting a Boat for Your Honeymoon

by Aurélie Renier

In the month after the wedding, newlyweds are expected to spend one happy day after another in each other’s company, with the honeymoon trip representing the most blissful moments. To ensure you’ll have the honeymoon of your dreams, what could be better than a cruise – just for the two of you? After all, your honeymoon is a unique opportunity for you to set sail together after the wedding. So escape from it all, take a break, and go explore a few corners of paradise between the sea and the shore. Happiness is guaranteed!

Honeymoon at Sea: So Many Activities to Enjoy Together

First and foremost, when you rent a boat for your honeymoon, the two of you will have the opportunity to enjoy a number of extraordinary activities. Whether you’re looking to kick back and relax or pursue adventure and excitement, it’s all possible! Go for a dive in breathtaking bays, explore the depths of the sea while snorkeling, go for a swim in a secluded location, or go fishing during the day and cook your fresh catch at night for an incomparable meal. On the spur of the moment, you can stop at a deserted beach to watch the sunset, then gaze at the stars and the Milky Way, far from any light pollution. Perhaps you’ve dreamed of moments like these… and now it’s time for you to live them!

Whether you go hiking or opt for cultural excursions, splendid strolls await whenever you make landfall. You can also take advantage of the opportunity to explore the local cuisine or dance with your better half at a seaside bar, gazing into one another’s eyes. And who cares if it’s a cliché when you’re this happy!

Suggested Destinations for a Two-Person Cruise

A cruise in the Mediterranean…

If you’re thinking of having your honeymoon in the spring or fall, there are a number of choice destinations in the Mediterranean. Temperatures at that time of year are very pleasant (far from the stifling summer heat) and there aren’t as many tourists.

Among the best places to rent a boat for a honeymoon, we recommend the charming Cyclades. Whether you visit the dazzling panoramas on breathtaking Santorini, the unusual cliffs of picturesque Milos, or the many ancient sites on Delos, you won’t be disappointed. Another idyllic Mediterranean destination: a cruise in the Balearic Islands. A spectacular sunset on Formentera, a day in port at tranquil Cala Pi Beach, an excursion in the famous Palma de Mallorca, and a few magical days on Menorca: These remarkable experiences will be yours if you choose to spend your honeymoon in the Balearic Islands.

The coasts of France

You can also choose to explore the French coastline at the most beautiful time of year. Staying in the Mediterranean, you might enjoy people-watching and exploring the picturesque coves along the Côte d’Azur, or choose from the heavenly anchorages in Corsica. For a breath of cool air even in August, consider the coast of Brittany: Why not explore Belle-Île, the Glénan archipelago, or Houat Island?

For an exotic winter getaway

Looking to make your escape in mid-winter? Set course for a destination across the Atlantic: the Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, Guadeloupe, and the Grenadines all make especially gorgeous cruise destinations. We’ve never seen waters more blue or vegetation more lush than on these Caribbean islands… except, perhaps, in the Indian Ocean, where the magnificent Maldives and utopian Seychelles make excellent destinations between October and April. Surely you’ve realized by now that the hardest part will be choosing!

For an “off-season” honeymoon, be sure to check on weather conditions. Avoiding monsoon and cyclone seasons, for example, is an absolute must!

Practical Advice and Options

Once you have selected your destination, you’ll need to select a rental plan: with a crew so that you can fully enjoy your trip, or just the two of you on board for more privacy (provided, of course, that you know how to navigate).
If you have never been out at sea before, it would be advisable to take a test cruise (for a few hours or a day) shortly before your honeymoon, to get your sea legs and become familiar with this unique mode of travel. Consider it a foretaste of the adventure that awaits on your big day!

And if you dream of taking your honeymoon by boat, but the ocean and open sea aren’t your cup of tea, consider the many inland waterways. The prospect of getting from Lyon to Sète aboard a charming barge can’t help but appeal to you!

For other itineraries, consult the map of navigable waterways in France and Europe on the VNF website by clicking on this link.