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How do you prepare for a cruise with friends?

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Spending your holidays on a sailing boat with friends…just one step to make this dream a reality. Easily achievable by anyone! But, like anything, it requires some preparation. The good news is that we can give you plenty of advice on how to do this. Whether it’s a sailing trip in Brittany or the Mediterranean, you and your friends will enjoy an unforgettable vacation. Take a look. 

Why choose a sailing trip with friends for your holidays? 

Forget about holiday clubs—this year, you’re setting off on an adventure! In addition to being an original idea for a holiday with friends, a sailing voyage is a way to explore the wonders of a whole region. A trip that promises to be very entertaining. There will be nautical activities, games you can play with friends on a boat (role-playing games, card games, aquatic games, etc.), and the relaxation provided by the sea and the various ports of call. How could anyone be bored? 

A non-negligible bonus: a sailing trip with friends is a good way to satisfy everyone’s wishes. A festive cruise, a cruise with friends who have children… there’s a cruise to suit everyone. 

Cruise with friends: any advice? 

– Establish the rules in advance…and stick to them! 

Community living requires some carefully thought-out rules…especially in the confined space of a boat. Make sure all of your companions have the same desires as you. Talk about your frame of mind beforehand. Essential for a successful holiday with friends. Make sure the chores have been equitably assigned, to avoid tension (that would be a real shame when on holiday!) 

– Accept that people have different desires 

Friendship means sharing special moments… But it also involves giving each other some breathing space! Does your friend prefer to daydream in the sunshine with a book rather than going snorkelling with you? Don’t get in a huff about it. You can each make the most of your separate activities. You’ll have something to tell each other about when you get together in the evening—and maybe even some good laughs to share! 

– Share expenses 

Good advice for a cruise with friends? Create a communal fund for all the foreseeable joint expenses. Use the excellent “Tricount” application for any unexpected costs. It will help you calculate (in the currency of your choice) how much each friend owes the group. This will prevent arguments like “You owe me 20 euros for lunch at the restaurant,” “No I don’t because I paid for the fuel,” etc. . With Tricount, everything is logged and everything is divided up. 

You can enjoy your sailing trip amongst friends with peace of mind. 

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