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Sail off to discover Central Dalmatia marina, stopover, port, sailing…

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Prepare to be blown away by this part of Croatia. It’s very simple: from stopover to stopover, from port to port, from creek to creek, central Dalmatia offers ever-more luxuriant and heavenly landscapes. Blink as often as you like, pinch yourself if necessary: no, you are not dreaming! The blue lagoon actually extends as far as the eye can see, just like in a dream… Where to sail in central Croatia? What is the recommended itinerary? What to do in Split, Tragir, Rogoznica, and Hvar? This way to the answers.

Did you know? Croatia has more than 1500 gulfs and other ports. Plenty for soft-water sailors and experienced sailors to moor up in and get fresh supplies. To take maximum advantage of the breathtaking beauty of the Adriatic coast, we think it’s essential to sail and stop over at various key places. We have brought them together in the following concise itinerary:


It all begins in Split, a sublime town and UNESCO world heritage site. You will be immediately struck by the contrast between the imposing mountain range (in the background) and this city with such refined architecture. At sunset, the ochre stone takes on a sublime pink colour and gives the town a completely different silhouette. What to do in Split? Moor your sailing boat at one of the marinas. Wander the alleyways of Old Split, taste an ice cream at Luka, proclaimed Croatia’s best ice cream maker (no less), and then go and visit the sublime Palace of Diocletian. Good news: you can do everything on foot or by bicycle.


Next stop: the port of Trogir. In Trogir, a UNESCO Heritage Site, time seems to have stood still… Think about it: this place holds no less than 2500 years of history! Lose yourself in its bustling little alleyways until you find the Cathedral of Saint Lawrence. This 13th-century jewel is considered to be one of the most breathtaking buildings in the country. For an unrivalled view of the city’s beautiful rooftops, proceed to the top of the bell tower: you will not be disappointed.


Do you know why Rogoznica has won so many prizes? Its sublime and intact fauna and flora make it a real ecological treasure. Your sailing trip through central Dalmatia will never cease to amaze you. Moor your sailing boat in the Frapa marina, walk around its famous olive groves, and dine at the Siesta restaurant, famous for its good value and welcoming atmosphere.


It’s time to discover the beautiful isle of Hvar. As you will see, this port of call could not possibly disappoint you. The island has three marinas: Vrboska, Stari Grad, and Hvar (Palmizana), and is therefore very easily accessible. What to do in Hvar? A must-see: the fortress. A timeless visit that offers a big bonus: an unrivalled view of the town and the Pakleni Islands. It is also known for its crystal-clear water, and in the harvest season Hvar’s lavender fields offer an idyllic view and a perfume that leaves a sweet olfactory memory…

>>> It is high time to go back to Split, the last stop of your sailing tour of central Croatia. We hope you enjoyed the trip!

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