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BandofBoats Insurance

by Aurélie Renier

Damage waiver insurance

Because we want you to be able to enjoy your sailing to the full, BandofBoats now offers damage waiver insurance. Depending on the boat owner, the destination, the value of the boat and its size, rental deposits can range from 1,500 to 4,000 euros, and this sum is retained in case of damage or incident during your rental.

To avoid any unpleasant surprises and enable you to fully relax and enjoy your holiday, BandofBoats together with Europ Assistance offers the option of damage waiver insurance to keep you protected throughout the duration of your boat rental.

Every skipper knows that smiles can quickly disappear onboard when, due to his or her own error or a mistake by another crew member, damage occurs to the boat and the whole crew are required to forfeit their deposit! Euro Assistance and BandofBoats is eager to ensure smiling faces all round at both the departure and the return of the boat, and damage waver insurance helps to contribute towards this.

You have the option of taking out this insurance:

Online: Choose the Excess Waiver Insurance option when confirming your booking and you’ll automatically receive the insurance contract along with your boat hire contract. Forgot to check the box? You can still take out the insurance up till five minutes before departure by clicking the link in your confirmation email.

In person: If you’ve forgotten to take out the insurance when making your booking and are worried sick at the thought of not being covered when you set out on the sea, relax! You can still take it out up till five minutes before the planned departure time with our BandofBoats representative. There’s also a sticker on the front window to remind you.

Weather and cancellation insurance

When it comes to hiring a boat in the high season, it can often be difficult to decide whether to book in advance so you have the choice of the best boats or wait till the last moment to guard against any unforeseen issues or circumstances.

Le Captain and Europ Assistance have decided to make life easier for you: you can now book in advance without risk thanks to the availability of cancellation insurance. With cancellation insurance, all the money you’ve paid in advance is refunded in case of:

– serious illness or severe accident

– family crisis (e.g. the death of a family member or a summons to appear in court)

– work-related issue (redundancy, new job, transfer, your employer changing your annual leave dates…)

BandofBoats, what happens in case of weather issues? With cancellation insurance, you get reimbursed if there’s a severe weather warning!

You also get reimbursed in case of bad weather preventing you from going out on the water. If French meteorological services issue a Bulletin Métérologique Spécial (BMS) – a special weather warning (i.e. Beaufort force seven winds on the coast, Beaufort force seven winds at sea) – Europ Assistance will refund all the money you’ve paid up to that point. And this also applies even if you’ve already begun your rental. Europ Assistance will reimburse you for the days on which the BMS is issued by the authorities.

Assistance at sea

Every skipper hopes never to need it, but the day when a health problem or major accident occurs onboard, Europ Assistance will be with you every step of the way till you’re safely back home.

Assistance at sea is the essential solution to ensure you’re reimbursed for the costs incurred should you need emergency help or assistance (i.e. rescue, towing, etc.). Available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, Europ Assistance’s telephone support service will provide all the help and guidance you need to ensure you get back to dry land as safely as possible and without incurring any costs.